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Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway® workshops

The Feel The Fear Training System is based on the worldwide best-selling book Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway®, published over 30 years ago by Dr.Susan Jeffers, Ph.D. It has helped millions of people overcome their fears and move forward in their lives with it's simple and profound advice. As relevant today as when first published, these scientifically proven principles continue to deliver lasting change and improved performance in business, education, and personal development.

Fear is rarely discussed in the workplace. In fact it can often be seen as a dirty word, and few want to admit that fear is a part of their organization. But upon closer examination, many challenges faced in the workplace are driven by fear. Any responsible executive will admit that effectiveness and efficiency are often hampered by employee and management inflexibility, cynicism, ''us versus them'' syndrome, resistance to change, misplaced priorities, lack of recognition, silence, sarcasm, and management by intimidation – all different manifestations of fear.

We're helping to create a new generation of employees, management, and students who understand how to stay calm, remain focused and believe in their abilities. This grounding in positivity is helping to create people who are responsible and accountable for their actions. Our training empowers them to take ownership of their work by understanding and overcoming the fears and negative emotions that limit them and the organization, preventing them from achieving their full potential.

Our qualified instructors have been carefully selected and trained to bring the principles of the Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway® to life by teaching individuals how to apply the tools in every day life. You'll learn how to think positively, feel more in control of your life, become more assertive, and create a support system. That's just the beginning!

The Feel the Fear Training System has been improving results in workplaces for over thirty years due to our customized approach. We fit to the needs of each client, personalizing our training to address the issues which are blocking success.

If you would like to be be part of the global team spreading the positive messages of our training system then please visit the 'become an instructor' page in the link below.

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