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Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway® #1 on the Daily Telegraph's recommended self-help books for the New Year

Self-help books are a billion-dollar business and top the New Year bestseller lists as many of us look for inspiration and support in changing our habits or to cope with the stresses of life. The Daily Telegraph asked psychologist Hilary Bruffell, lecturer at the Open University, business coach Charles Sutton and counsellor Jo Hemming to cast an expert eye on the best paperbacks to pep you up in 2014 and their number one? Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway®.

What's the promise?

Big on confidence, motivation and dealing with anxiety, Feel the Fear encourages you to dive in and do whatever scares you most.

What's the catch?

Great for emotional and career dilemmas. Might feel glib if you have serious emotional problems.

Who wrote it?

Susan Jeffers, aka the "Queen of Self-Help".

What does she know?

PhD in psychology from Columbia; regular guest on Oprah, Jeffers went on to write many more self-help books, but died of cancer in 2012, aged 74.

Does it sell?

15 million copies in 100 countries in 25 years.

Celebrity fans:

Julie Walters, Tamara Mellon (co-founder of Jimmy Choo).

Jo Hemmings says:

"If there was ever a book whose philosophy was summed up by its title, this is it. A classic mantra for achievement."

Do say:

"I'm going to say Yes to the Universe."

Don't say:

"I'm bibliophobic."

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