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A 'Feel the Fear' Story


This is a ''feel the fear'' story, and it is also a ''maybe'' story - maybe it's lucky; maybe it's unlucky.

I recently was in a car accident. My husband and I were driving in a whiteout, and we swerved to miss a salt truck and hit a guardrail. We were not injured, nor did we injure anyone else. We took the car to get it repaired, and the shop said that they would give me a loaner car to drive. When I got to the station for the loaner car, they said that there was a problem with it and that all they could give me was a Chevy 4X4 SUV. I was terrified because I had never driven such a big vehicle. I mustered up my courage and decided to take it anyway.

That week, we got a lot of flooding in our area, and I had to go on many back, country roads that were full of mud and difficult for cars to get through. The Chevy 4X4 got through it perfectly. Since I was very inexperienced in driving such a large vehicle, I ended up putting it in a ditch one morning as I was trying to turn the truck around. This was on one of those secluded back roads. Some traffic was going down the road, but not much. I looked up and said, ''Why is this happening to me?'' (I'm not proud of that moment, but I am still learning.) I said, ''Please send someone nice to help me.'' Just then a truck came down the road. I just waved at the man in the truck and he waved back. After he pulled away, I could not believe that I just waved him on. What was I doing?

Another truck came by after him, with a man and three children. I waved him down and told him I needed help. He said, ''I have a rope in the back of my truck that I was going to throw out, but kept for some reason. Maybe it will do.'' He got the rope out and pulled me out of the ditch. He said, ''I think I am Mr. Good Samaritan today. The teller at the bank just gave me $100 extra, and I gave it back. She was so happy that I was honest.'' I told him that he was definitely my Good Samaritan Angel for the day. He smiled and took off down the road.

I thought that was the end of the story, until I received a phone call at the library a few days after this happened. The lady on the phone told me that her son had lost his library card and needed another one. When I asked her the name of her son, she said the name of the man who helped me. I asked her if her husband had that same name, and she said yes. I then asked if he had pulled a truck out of the ditch the week before. She said she didn't know and asked him. He said that he did. I told her what happened and that I had been looking all over for his address to send a thank you, and she had just answered my call. She laughed and said, ''That's amazing.'' The power of intention and intuition is truly amazing!

Susan, Holmes County, Ohio, USA