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In Loving Memory of Susan Jeffers

Susan died in the early hours of Saturday, October, 27th, 2012. She had been ill with a rare form of cancer called cancer of unknown primary (CUP) for over three years. She died peacefully and without pain, with her immediate family by her bedside

Susan wrote about herself and her experience of life. She kept no secrets from her readers, striving to create an honest and very personal connection with her audience. It was her boundless humanity and willingness to share openly about her own life that was the key to her enduring popularity and influence as a writer and teacher. Susan never lost her passion for learning and research. After she had her children, she went back to college and received her master's degree and doctorate in psychology from Columbia University. Her first book, Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway, was published in 1987, and had a profound effect on readers for its direct approach and simple, practical advice.

Susan went on to write 17 more books in a prolific career as an author, educator and motivational speaker. Her work is about overcoming fear, healing relationships and moving forward in life with confidence and love. Her books are filled with practical tools, sensitivity, humor and wisdom. Today they are published in over 100 countries and in 38 languages, as she continues to help millions of people to free themselves and enjoy a deeper, richer, happier life.

Susan received many plaudits in her career. In 2004, The Times of the U.K. named Susan "the Queen of Self-Help" ranking her alongside such influential gurus as Nelson Mandela, the Dalai Lama and Deepak Chopra. A year earlier, the popular spiritual consciousness magazine Kindred Spirit gave Susan the award for writing the Best Personal Development Book of the year...Embracing Uncertainty. As well as being a celebrated workshop leader and public speaker, she was a guest on a multitude of international radio and television shows including 13 appearances on Oprah. Her insight and wisdom are treasured throughout the world.

Although Susan is gone, her influence continues to grow. We will keep the flame of her inspiration alive because there will always be a need for her unique advice and boundless compassion. Her website and newsletter will continue as before, and Susan has left behind a wealth of unpublished material which we look forward to sharing with you in the future. Most importantly, her group of licensed Feel the Fear trainers in 26 countries will continue her legacy, so her readers can have the unique personal experience of an interactive and motivating Feel the Fear course or workshop.

Susan leaves behind her devoted husband, Mark Shelmerdine, her son, Gerry Gershman, her daughter, Leslie Gershman Wandmacher, her beloved sister, Marcia, and two step-children, Alice and Guy Shelmerdine.

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