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Thank you for visiting the official website for Susan Jeffers, Ph.D. (1938-2012). We hope this website will provide an important supplement to Susan’s self-help books, providing daily inspiration and positive affirmations to uplift and motivate you, to educate you, and to brighten your spirit. We want to help you get rid of fear and to move forward with your life in a joyous and loving way.

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  • Blog Posts to both inspire and inform you in your daily life and in the workplace.
  • A listing and details of all of Susan Jeffers' books, audio, and merchandise and a button to order them online. Susan's self-help books, audio, and other merchandise provide a wide range of tools to help you on such subjects as fear, love, relationships, confidence, self-esteem, positive thinking, empowerment and parenthood.
  • Monthly Words of Wisdom to enrich, educate, and also entertain you.

Feel The Fear Training

  • Our Feel the Fear training system has helped millions of people to overcome their fears and move forward with their lives. We've helped businesses maximize profits and boost innovation, and individuals reduce stress at work and improve confidence.

    Our qualified instructors have been carefully selected and trained to bring the principles of the Feel the Fear & Do it Anyway ® to life by teaching individuals how to apply the tools in every day life. You'll learn how to think positively, feel more in control of your life, become more assertive, and create a support system. That's just the beginning!

    We're helping to create a new generation of individuals, employees, management, and students who understand how to stay calm, remain focused and believe in their abilities. This grounding in positivity is helping to create people who are responsible and accountable for their actions. Our training empowers them to take ownership of their work by understanding and overcoming the fears and negative emotions that limit them and the organization, preventing them from achieving their full potential.

    To learn more, visit the Feel the Fear Training site.

  • Community

    • Feel the Fear Stories includes an invitation for you to submit your story of how you have changed your life by feeling the fear and doing it anyway. We will be selecting a new story for the site every month, and possibly for a future book, as a way of inspiring others who are being held back by fear. So, check back every month to get inspiration from a new Feel the Fear story!


    • Check out About Susan, providing both the official and the unofficial bio for Susan Jeffers (1938-2012). You may be amused by what you learn about Susan, including how she became a best-selling author of self-help books!
    • In Loving Memory: an obituary and remembrance page following Susan's sad and untimely death, reflecting thoughts and memories about her life.

So enjoy, participate, and become a part of Susan's global family. Every day brings new inspiration, so don't stay away too long!

"Last year I was going to marriage counseling and feeling very low. I went for psychological counseling, but then I picked up End the Struggle and Dance with Life. It had an instant impact and made an amazing difference to my whole outlook on life. Since then I have bought most of Susan Jeffers' other books and have found the affirmations an absolute Godsend.

"I did feel that I was stuck in a job, and since then I have been able to update my old qualifications and gradually increase my comfort zones, doing things I never thought possible, ie. holding meetings, taking more and more risks, and expanding my life.

"Susan's teachings are truly wonderful and have been no less than miraculous in my life. My affirmation book is in pieces now where I use it constantly!"

- Karen, UK

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