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The Little Book of Confidence The Little Book of Confidence

What are you afraid of? Public speaking, asserting yourself, making decisions, changing jobs, losing a loved one.... Whatever your fear, this little book will be a constant reminder that you can handle it all!


Susan Jeffers' first 'Little Book' is a portable collection of uplifting words to help the reader feel more confident. Thought-provoking and inspiring, the writings are based on the tools in Jeffers' books Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway and Feel the Fear and Beyond. The beauty of The Little Book of Confidence is the fact it is so portable that it can be referred to throughout the day. It is a wonderful, empowering gift for oneself, or for friends and loved ones.

Table Of Contents

Take The High Road
Awareness Is A Good Start
Affirm The Best
Let Go Of Outcomes
Say 'Yes' To Life
Make No-Lose Decisions
Reclaim Your Power
Speak Confidently
Expand Your Limits
You Are Not Alone
Handling Fear
When 'They' Don't Want You To Grow
Create A Circle Of Fear-Less Friends
Get Some Balance In Your Life
Your Safety Net
The Essential Extras
Using The Grid Of Life
Open Your Eyes To Abundance
Give It Away!
One Step At A Time