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Thoughts of Power and Love Thoughts of Power and Love

In this wonderful book of quotes from her own work, Susan has compiled her own best advice on helping people move forward in life with wisdom, optimism, and laughter.

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'Wow! Susan Jeffers provides beautiful, delightful, simple, yet profound lessons of the heart. 'Thoughts Of Power And Love' is a perfect gift to give the one you love-as well as a life-enriching gift to give yourself. Enjoy!' -
-Harold Bloomfield, M.D., author of 'Power of Five' and 'Love Secrets for a Lasting Relationship'

Table Of Contents

I No Need for Walls
II The World Is Filled with Lovers!
III Rising in Love
IV From Victim to Creator
V Say YES! to You
VI Not to Worry
VII It's All Happening Perfectly
VIII Higher and Higher
IX There's Always More
X You Are the World


The very act of picking up the mirror instead of the magnifying glass can be considered one of the most loving things that we can do for ourselves. It says to us,'Hey, Honey, over here, where you can do something about it! Not over there where you can't.'


A simple trick for finding a perfect mate: Be yourself and see who shows up!


Throw away your picture of the way it's supposed to be. Only then can you have the freedom to enjoy the way it is.


The realization that 'we are doing it to ourselves' is our biggest blessing. If we know we can create our own misery, it stands to reason we can also create our own joy. What power!


We can't blame anyone for walking all over us. We can only notice that we are not moving out of the way! Aha!


When we help other people, we become much bigger than we thought we were.

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