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End the Struggle and Dance With Life End the Struggle and Dance With Life

We live in a difficult world. But life does not have to be a struggle. In this extraordinary book of inspirational advice, Susan Jeffers teaches us how to feel calmer, more in control, and excited about life--despite what is happening around us. With profound insights and practical tools, we learn that we don't have to give into the fear, distress, anger, impatience, and hovering sense of danger that pull us down. Instead, we can embrace the joyous emotions of the Spirit that make us soar: trust, gratitude, harmony, abundance, love and joy.

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'A must read book! Susan Jeffers' advice is wise and wonderful. She gives us the heart and soul of living a joyous and abundant life.'

- Marianne Williamson, author of 'Illuminata' and 'Return to Love'

'Susan Jeffers is a master of healing and this book is a gem. Her way of looking at life is an inspiration to us all. I love her advice on how to move from victimhood to empowerment. Dance on Susan'

- Louise Hay, author of 'The Power is Within You'

'Susan Jeffers reminds us that healing is a sacred phenomenon and comes from the return of the memory of wholeness. I highly recommend this book for those who seek a sacred path to healing.'

- Deepak Chopra, author of 'The Return of Merlin' and 'The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success'

'What a gift! This book will make a profound difference in your life. With a great deal of humor and wisdom, Susan Jeffers offers remarkable insights for exchanging misery for joy. It is a book to be read over and over again. I highly recommend it!'

- Jack Canfield, co-author of 'Chicken Soup for the Soul'

'Compelling reading. A veritable injection of wisdom from Susan's pen to your life.'

- Dr. Wayne Dyer, author of 'Real Magic' and 'Your Sacred Self'

'Dr. Susan Jeffers is a masterful healer who knows how to help people find purpose and power in their lives. For anyone who would prefer to dance than struggle in life, this books is a treasure. I highly recommend 'Ending The Struggle And Dancing With Life' for its down-to-earth sanity and integrity.'

- Larry Dossey, M.D., author of 'Healing Words'

'With love, candor, and clarity, Susan Jeffers inspires us to fully live every moment of our lives.'

- Barbara De Angelis, Ph.D., author of 'Real Moments'

'Susan Jeffers has a healer's vision with an open heart. With a joyful spirit, and impressive resources, she easily convinces and inspires us that indeed, Life Is A Dance!'

- Chungliang al Huang, author of 'Embrace Tiger', 'Return to Mountain' and 'Quantum Soup'

Table of Contents

Introduction: Seeing Beyond all the Bad News
Part I Rising Above the Clouds
1. Something Wondrous Within Your Being
Part II Releasing
2. Let Go of Holding On
3. Climb Off the Ladder to Distress
4. Feel the Fear and Don't Do It Anyway!
5. Drop the Heavy Baggage
6. Trust the Future
7. Let Life Happen…Perfectly
8. Feel Safe in a Dangerous World
9. Find Beauty in the Land of Tears
Part III Embracing
10. Focus on the Riches
11. Look Mindfully…Look Deeply
12. Wake up to the Abundance
14. Talk to the Chief
15. Find Your Place of Power
16. Dance the Dance of Life
17. Lighten Up With Laughter and Joy
18. Trust the Grand Design
A Closing Message: Nothing Can Stop You Now!


Sheila Byrd wrote me a fan letter. But I have become one of her fans. She is 68 years old and despite her very hard life, she radiates joy. Sheila was married to an alcoholic who left when their daughter was young. She has little money. Her daughter is having many difficulties in dealing with her own life. But somehow, through it all, Sheila has learned to capture the essence of life rather than the shadow. She has learned to transcend the smallness of the Lower Self and enter the world of the Higher Self where the picture of life is grand.

When I first read her letter, I was struck with the words, 'I lead a very simple life.' I thought about the lightness in her attitude that matched her simple life. It reminded me that so many of us have lost the art of simplicity. And, believe me, it is an art! Life has become excruciatingly complicated, cluttered, heavy and joyless. Hardly a model for ending the struggle and dancing with life!

How do we simplify? How do we let go of some of the excess baggage that we carry around with us? Our collection of physical and emotional clutter makes us feel as though we are going through life carrying a watermelon and an overloaded suitcase! It's time to drop these tremendous weights and learn how to live in the freedom that simplicity allows. Let me show you how you can begin lightening the load in a number of areas of your life. As you read, think of other excess baggage you've been carrying around as well. It's definitely time to LET GO!

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