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Peace Is The Way: Bringing War and Violence to an End Peace Is The Way: Bringing War and Violence to an End
Deepak Chopra

As I began searching for ways we can all get involved in creating an explosion of love in the world, I revisited one of Deepak Chopra's finest books entitled Peace is the Way. This book speaks to me very deeply. It confronts what is most essential in creating a world that works.

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Deepak raises some very controversial points regarding religion, country, personal responsibility…and much more, and he shows us how commonly accepted beliefs can sometimes interfere with our creating a peaceful world. In this, he offers us a strong incentive to pick up the mirror and see if and where we need to change our thinking, to change our lives, and ultimately, to change the world. Powerful, indeed!

If you can't figure out an action plan of your own for contributing to peace in this world, Deepak offers you the 'Seven Practices of Peace' and he asks you to follow one of these specific practices every day of the week. The seven practices include 1) Being for Peace; 2) Thinking for Peace; 3) Feeling for Peace; 4) Speaking for Peace; 5) Acting for Peace; 6) Creating for Peace; 7) Sharing for Peace. And he instructs you how to introduce these practices into your own lives. Simple, but huge in it's effect!

I believe we are at the crossroads: Do we keep moving in the direction of violence or do we change direction and move ourselves toward a more peaceful world? I believe we are ready to move ourselves toward a more peaceful world. In that, Deepak's book provides a very big resource for moving us in our desired direction.

$13.95 $12.56