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Happiness is a Choice Happiness is a Choice
Barry Neil Kaufman

In End the Struggle and Dance with Life, I mention a truly wonderful book by Barry Neil Kaufman entitled Happiness is a Choice. This insightful book shows us that no matter what happens to us in life, we all have the choice to choose happiness instead of misery. His healing insights are based on his and his wife's personal experience of totally healing their autistic child who was mute and functionally retarded. When first confronted with this situation, they actively decided to choose happiness instead of misery. And this decision transformed their lives.


It is interesting that someone who had a similarly dysfunctional child bitterly chastised Kaufman for taking something that was terrible and making believe it was beautiful. Kaufman gently replied...'Did you ever consider that you might be taking something that's beautiful and making believe it's terrible?' Wow! A lesson for us all! There are many other such wonderful quotes you will want to take into your heart.

Yes, happiness is a choice. And in this very positive book, Kaufman offers inspiring stories of other people's success in creating happiness in their lives despite difficult situations that may be confronting them. And very importantly, he offers six very powerful 'Shortcuts to Happiness' that can get you started immediately…right NOW! This book really spoke to me…and I am confident it will speak to you as well.