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Send Me Someone: A True Story of Love Here and Hereafter Send Me Someone: A True Story of Love Here and Hereafter
Diana von Welanetz Wentworth

Diana and Paul von Welanetz were the founders of The Inside Edge, a wonderful group that I talk about in many of my books. So as I read Send Me Someone, it was like stepping back into the past and re-living so many heartening and poignant moments I remember so well.

Diana and Paul had been married for 25 glorious years…until cancer took his life. As he realized he was going to die, he told Diana, 'I don’t want you to be alone.' She replied, 'Then send me someone!' He answered, “I will.” And within a very short time, he did. That promise is at the heart of the beautiful relationship she has created with Ted Wentworth, who had lost his wife of many years also to cancer.

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This is a love story you will definitely want to read. The insights, the growth, and the trust that this book inspires, gives us a sense of peace. It opens the gates to the soul of love. It transcends the here and now, and helps us trust 'the Grand Design'. It helps us realize that love is always around us. As Louise Hay, author of You Can Heal Your Life, says about this book, it is 'A poignant and inspiring love story that proves the profound fact that death is not the end.' This book offers us a message to take into our hearts as it diminishes any fears we have of the future.

$13.95 $6.98