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The Artist's Way The Artist's Way
Julia Cameron

I loved reading The Artist's Way: A Spiritual Guide to Higher Creativity by Julie Cameron, as did over a million others...and I believe you will love reading it as well. Don't let the title put you off. Even if you are not an 'artist' in the traditional sense, we are all artists when it comes to creating a beautiful and productive life for ourselves.

As Julie Cameron tells us, 'The Artist's Way is a spiritual journey, a pilgrimage home to the self.' And the chapter titles reveal the essence: Recovery of a Sense of...Safety, Identity, Power, Integrity, Possibility, Abundance, Connection, Strength, Compassion, Self-protection, Autonomy, and Faith...all components of a life very well-lived.

$15.95 $7.98

The Artist’s Way is filled with wonderful quotations, examples, tools and exercises. And for those of us who need and love structure, it includes a 12 week program to bring forward the creativity that lives within us all. It is a great program to do alone or with a friend or group of friends. Whether you are an artist, a cook, a writer, a lawyer...or whatever, The Artist’s Way can help you zap the negativity that keeps you stuck and ignite a new you…a creative, exciting and positive you. I am so pleased to be able pass this book along to you.

$15.95 $7.98