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Legacy of the Heart Legacy of the Heart
Wayne Muller

This book is for everyone who has ever been a child! That, of course, is all of us. Who hasn’t felt pain as a child? This pain could be from illness, rejection, family difficulties, fear, neglect, or simply the difficulty in just growing up. Clearly what is important is for us all to let go of the victim mentality and not let the pain of the past run our lives today. Wayne Muller has beautifully woven into the fabric of this book the teachings from Christian, Buddhist, Hebrew, Sufi, Hindu and Native American traditions, as well as voices from contemporary culture who write about the heart and the spirit…all meant to point us in the right direction.

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His writing is lyrical and moving, such as when he points out that, 'We take one feeling, one story about our childhood, and place it on the altar of our lives, holding it as a sacred truth, making it more true than anything else in the world. When hurt comes, we say, 'Ah, there it is again: the real story of my life.' And, Wayne provides us with many exercises and meditations to let go of this kind of thinking that keeps us locked in self-pity.

Wayne encourages us to stop looking for reasons in our past for our unhappiness today as he points out that suffering is, indeed, a part of life for all of us. He indicates that pain is only one moment among many others, and through many examples, he shows us how pain can be a great teacher of passion for others and a force to strengthen us. He states that we shouldn't ask "why" in the 'poor me' sense, but in the 'what can I learn from this' sense. This latter question can actually make the suffering an enriching experience. This is a wonderful lesson…something I live and something I teach. Beautiful!

Legacy of the Heart is a wonderful read and a truly enlightening book.

$14.00 $11.90