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I Can Handle It! I Can Handle It!
Susan Jeffers and Donna Gradstein

In this first-of-a-kind book, Susan, with co-author and friend Donna Gradstein, presents 50 delightful stories showing children "handling" many difficult situations that confront children today - such as teasing by other children…or losing a favourite toy…or fear of the dark…or upset about a parent's divorce…and much more. Ultimately, as the various stories unfold, the child learns that ALL difficulties in life can be handled in a powerful and loving way.


The "I Can Handle It" lesson is made even more effective by the excellent guide for parents that Susan presents at the beginning of the book. She demonstrates how the stories can provide a wonderful springboard for creating meaningful communication with our children. At a time when parents are often inundated with contradictory information about what we should or should not be doing, "I Can Handle It" provides a refreshingly easy way to engage with and empower our kids. Rather than being dogmatic or prescriptive, Susan advises us to "Lighten up. Laugh with your children. Encourage them to understand that we are ALL simply human beings doing the best we can".

"No matter what happens, I can handle it!"
A wonderful lesson to learn at any age!

Table of Contents

    A Guide for Parents
    (And Others Who Love to Empower Children)
    The Wonderful World of Affirmations
    (A Short Introduction)


  1. I Can Handle...Fear
  2. I Can Handle...Frustration
  3. I Can Handle...Pain
  4. I Can Handle...Sadness and Loss
  5. I Can Handle...Big, Big Loss
  6. I Can Handle...Anger
  7. I Can Handle...Embarrassment
  8. I Can Handle...Responsibility
  9. I Can Handle...Guilt
  10. I Can Handle...Concern for the World

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Sample Stories


I have to sing with the other kids in our school play. I'm supposed to be a singing tree. I'm SO nervous about standing on the stage and singing in front of a lot of people. What if I forget the words? What if all my leaves fall off? But, "I can handle it..."

I was REALLY nervous before I went on stage. But as soon as we started singing, it was so much fun that I forgot about being nervous! My friends and I giggled when the people in the audience clapped and cheered when we had finished...even if we did forget some of the words. It was great! And only a few of my leaves fell off. Now I can't wait for the next school play. Maybe I'll get the part of the dancing duck. I know I won't be nervous the next time. Well, maybe just a little. See, "I can handle it!"


Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and I have wet my bed. I get upset when that happens. Big kids aren't supposed to wet their beds…that's for babies. It's embarrassing that I even have to tell my Mom. But, "I can handle it..."

I told my Mom how embarrassed I get when I wet my bed. She said there was no reason to be embarrassed because lots of kids my age do that. Then she laughed and said that by the time I go on my first date, I won't be wetting my bed any more. That made me feel better. I wonder when that day will come. I hope it's VERY, VERY soon. See, "I can handle it!"


I feel bad because my big brother, Arthur, is moving far away to go to college. I don't want him to leave. He will be gone a long, long time and maybe he will forget me. I think I will have a missing part in my heart when he leaves. But, "I can handle it..."

Arthur said he loves me and could NEVER forget me. He will miss me too. He promised to write me funny letters while he is away. I know what! I'll draw him lots of pictures to put on his wall so that he will think of me every day until he comes home. I'll still miss being with him, but I won't have a missing part in my heart any more. That's because I know he will always love me no matter how far away he is. See, "I can handle it!"