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Feel the Fear... and Beyond Feel the Fear... and Beyond

At last! The Long-Awaited Companion to Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway®!

With her phenomenal bestseller Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway, internationally renowned author Susan Jeffers has helped millions of people overcome their fears and move forward in their lives with confidence, action and love.

In Feel the Fear...And Beyond, Susan takes us by the hand and gives us step-by-step examples and concrete exercises that help us to incorporate the profound insights of the 'Feel the Fear' program into our daily lives. As you read the book and/or listen to the tape, you will learn how to make full use of the valuable tools designed to help you make positive changes and confront new situations in a strong and life-affirming way. While each book stands on its own, the combination is truly a dynamic duo!

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Table of Contents

I. Introduction
II. Reminders from 'The Source'
III. How to Use This Book
On Your Own
With a Group
IV. The Toolbox for Fear-Less Living
1. Replace the Chatterbox
2. Ask Your Higher Self
3. Say YES! to Life
4. Let Go of Outcomes
5. Practice Making No-Lose Decisions
6. Expand the Comfort Zone
7. Uncover the Payoffs
8. Take Back Your Life!
9. Find 'Friendly' Friends
10. Create a Grid of Life
11. Open Your Eyes to the Abundance
12. Give It Away
V. There's Always More
VI. Your Own 'Power Planner'
Addendum: Teach the Children


"Let me introduce you to this exercise by giving you two questions to ask yourself…and then give you practice in answering them.

What would my Lower Self say about this? and What would my Higher Self say about this? Let me give you an example of the difference: You've just interviewed for a job you want very badly. Let's listen to what the voice of the Lower Self might be telling you…

"I shouldn’t have talked so much about my kids. Maybe they’ll think I’m not qualified enough for the job. I really want this job. I bet I won’t get it. Then what will I do? I was so nervous. I really didn’t do my best. I hope I looked OK. My skirt was a bit short. Oh, why didn’t I wear my pants suit? It is much more businesslike. Maybe I’m too old to go back to work. I’m sure they want someone younger" And on and on and on.

Now let's listen to what the voice of the Higher Self might be telling you:

$15.00 $12.75