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Opening Our Hearts to Men (abridged) Opening Our Hearts to Men (abridged)

Opening Our Hearts To Men is clearly one of the first of its kind. In a time of many negative feelings between the sexes, Susan suggests there is another way. She teaches us how to transform pain, loneliness, and anger into trust, intimacy. She also teaches us how to respect and honor who we are. While written for women, men have reported great learning from this book as well. It is clear that the rules for becoming a more loving person clearly apply to both sexes.

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'Finally a book that doesn't make men the enemy, but offers women practical tips for creating the loving relationships we deserve.'

-Barbara De Angeles,
author of 'How To Make Love All the Time'

'Susan Jeffers has learned the secrets of creating and maintaining happy relationships, with ourselves and with men. 'Opening Our Hearts To Men' is a brilliant book and I wish I had published it myself. Those who are willing to look into the mirror of their lives will find the answers to their problems. This book is to be read and re-read again and again. It truly helps us to reshape all areas of our lives. Women, rejoice, Susan Jeffers is here to help us love ourselves.'

- Louise Hay,
author of 'You Can Heal Your Life'

'After a woman reads 'Opening Our Hearts To Men', she will discover a little magnet inside of herself that draws men to who love...because she loves...challenging, honest, of the few accurate self-help books on the issues of men.'

- Warren Farrell,
author of 'Why Men Are the Way They Are'

'Opening Our Hearts to Men' is a long-awaited major book to build bridges between the sexes instead of tearing them down. A fine, fine contribution to both men and women.'

- Ken Druck,
author of 'The Secrets that Men Keep'

'At last! A book that gives women permission to genuinely love themselves and, in the process, allows them to open their hearts to men.'

- Tessa Albert Warshaw,
author of 'Rich Is Better'

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