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Life is Huge! Life is Huge!

Life is Huge! is a collection of 50 warm, witty and wise articles that capture the experiences and emotions that make up all our lives. They include much humor that is a constant necessity in life, valuable “how to” tips for handling important aspects of life, poignant moments that make us stop and reflect about the purpose of it all, love that helps us transcend all that is difficult in this world, and Susan’s personal feelings about many aspects of life and the human condition.

The articles all stand on their own and are purposely presented in a random fashion… so that, just like life itself, you never know what’s coming next. You can move through from beginning to end. Or open the book at any point and be surprised at what you find. Or look at the contents and pick the titles that appeal to you at that particular moment.

The simple but profound truths contained in this book, with all of Susan Jeffers’ trademark warmth and enthusiasm, will make you laugh, make you cry, make you reach out and embrace all of life. It will inspire you and remind you that life is infinitely varied, surprising – and definitely huge!

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Table of Contents

INTRODUCTION--The Huge-Ness Of It All
1. The "Pink in the Rug" Syndrome
2. Saying Yes! to Breast Cancer
3. Single-Hood: A Journey Into Wholeness
4. Eyeball to Eyeball: Why Shorter Men Are Better
5. Don't Let Rejection Stop You
6. A "Child" Grows Up on Valentine's Day
7. The News: Fact or Fiction
8. Why Do People Scoff at the Idea of "Self-Help"?
9. Some Enchanted Evening
10. If You Were Really Important…
11. A New Look at Wrinkles
12. Bring Back the Field of Honour
13. Ten Tips for Helping A Man Open Up
14. The “Schindler” in Us All
15. A Fateful Day
16. Tears of Joy in the Supermarket
17. Why Hasn't He Called?
18. The Surprising Power of "Affirmations"
19. Why All the Teenage Violence?
20. What Is Our Purpose?
21. No Victims Here: Taking Responsibility for Our Lives
22. A Love Story
23. Am I Dreaming?
24. The Healing Face of Love
25. A Tribute to New York
26. Do You Have a Fribbish in Your Life?
27. Letting Go of the Little Things
28. Do Parents Need to Panic?
29. Why Mothers Need Relief
30. Advice from Your Relationship Coach
31. A Tribute to a Hero
32. Loving the Beat: The Power of Drums
33. Getting Out of Yourself to Find Yourself
34. Finding Peace of Mind in a Very Uncertain World
35. The Land of Tears
36. Bratty Kids! Squabbling Kids!
37. Susan’s Rules for a Huge...and Joyous...Life
38. Do Know-It-Alls Really Know It All?
39. After the Breakup: 14 Steps to Happiness
40. Watching the News Without Getting Upset
41. But You Promised!
42 I Wish……
43. A Party Idea that Can Change Your Life
44. Escalating Violence: What Do We Tell the Children
45. Give me a Higher Love
46. For A Brief Moment in Time
47.Creating Holiday Blessings
48. Instant Angels
49. Holiday Gifts of Power, Peace and Love
50. Embracing the World Like a Lover

$14.95 $7.48