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Say ''Yes'' to the New Year

The 2020's have, so far, proven to be some tough years. Many of us may find ourselves not looking forward to whatever 2022 might bring. It makes setting resolutions, intentions, or goals a disappointing prospect as we think, ''What's going to go wrong this year?'' The unwelcome surprises of the last few years make it easy to be fearful and hard to feel hopeful.

But a new year is a new beginning. New beginnings are always a good thing. They are a way to jumpstart our lives in a way of our choosing. To get the most out of a new year, we need to open ourselves up to the blessings the Universe has in store for us. You know how to do that right? Just say YES!

Saying ''YES'' is the Antidote to Fear

As Susan wrote in Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway, ''Not only is saying YES our antidote to dealing with day-today disappointments, rejections, and missed opportunities (a leaking roof, a traffic jam, spilling coffee on yourself, a lousy date, and so on), it is the miracle tool for dealing with our deepest, darkest fears.''

There are a lot of opportunities in store for us, if only we open our hearts to the Universe. For Susan, the term ''universe'' meant the plan for our life that we have no control over. It is that force that often interferes with our idea of how we want things to be. ''So often when we are all set to move in a specific direction, an unexpected event changes everything. Those unexpected events or even the possibility of the unexpected sets us up for a great deal of fear. We anticipate the worst.'' So really, the only hope we have is saying YES.

Saying YES means using our resources to find constructive ways to deal with fearful situations and events. Saying YES means acting out of strength and having the flexibility necessary to find the path of growth.

Saying YES means getting up and acting on your belief that you can create meaning and purpose in whatever life hands you.

When we say no, we are coming from a place of fear and resistance. It makes us feel hopeless and weak, as if there is nothing we can do. Watching fearmongers on the news, doom scrolling on social media, surrounding ourselves with gloomy people. These things contribute to our fear, our feelings of uselessness, so we feel that we are helpless to make any changes.

If we believe that a situation is hopeless, we will simply sit back and let ourselves be destroyed. If we believe that a situation is changeable, we can take charge and conquer any obstacle.

The last few years have made a lot of us fear that there isn't anything we can do to change what is going on around us, but there is always a choice. That is why saying YES matters so much. It means that we are open to alternatives to what is going on both outside and within ourselves.

Susan wrote, ''Saying YES means positive action; saying no means giving up. It is only when we see possibility for change that we can work to effect change. We can say no to the situation as it is, but YES to the possibility for the growth it offers.''

When we say YES to the universe, things aren't going to immediately change. We still need to take action ourselves.

Whereas the concept of saying yes
to your universe is fairly easy to grasp,
to say yes
requires a great deal of awareness.

So, make it your goal for 2022 to open up to YES! Channel your resources to find constructive, healthy ways to deal with adverse situations … with any situation. Act out of strength and with flexibility and when looking at your options, choose the ones that enhance growth. Saying YES means saying no to giving up or giving in. Saying YES means becoming alive to possibility.

As we look forward to this new year, remember that when you say YES, you are also saying:

No Matter What Happens, I Will Handle It!

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