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Listening to the Voice of Your Higher Self

''Awakening is not changing who you are, but discarding who you are not.'' Deepak Chopra

Sometimes, life can feel like such a drudgery that it becomes hard to remember that we are spiritual beings. The world we experience with our five senses, through our body, is only part of who we are. When we are in touch with our Higher Self we are connected to the vast Universe that we experience with our soul.

Susan wrote in End the Struggle and Dance with Life, ''I believe that there is a place within each and every one of us that is the source of all the divine qualities such as love, caring, intuition, strength, appreciation, joy, bliss and gratitude. When we ‘live’ in that wondrous place which I call the Higher Self, we can’t help but take into our being many of the qualities of the laughing Buddha. We are free to enjoy the best that life has to offer. Peace and laughter fill our hearts. We come out of the shadow and find the substance of a life well-lived.''

Amazing, right? So, then, why aren’t we always working to connect with our Higher Self? Because the Lower Self is always lurking and when we are feeling burdened by the day-to-day reality of our five senses, and exhausted from all we have to do, we’re far more likely to let the Chatterbox in, that inner voice of negativity in your mind. Connecting to the Higher Self takes work. When we’re already feeling overwhelmed, more effort might seem like too much. Of course, this is Lower Self thinking.

The Lower Self doesn’t want us to connect with our Higher Self, it prefers us to be sad, lonely, and miserable. It looks for any excuse to keep us from finding our spiritual connection with the Universe. This means we have to work that much harder to connect to our Higher Self. It may be work, but the results will be both meaningful and powerful.

In Feel the Fear and Beyond, Susan’s companion book to Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway, there is a whole section about how to work through the influence of the Lower Self and find trust in your Higher Self. ''If you let it, your Higher Self will always tell you the truth, which is: ‘You are powerful and loving and you have nothing to fear.’ Your Lower Self, on the other hand, will always tell you the big lie: ‘You are not powerful and loving and you have much to fear!’ So let’s continue looking at ways to empower the voice of the Higher Self and diminish the voice of the Lower Self.''

She suggested asking yourself two questions

      What would my Lower Self say about this?
      What would my Higher Self say about this?

For example, at the last minute a friend cancelled a planned date to catch up. Your Lower Self would say something like, ''Of course, they bailed at the last minute. Something better probably came up. I know they don’t really like me, they just feel sorry for me.'' Your Higher Self would say, ''It’s too bad that they couldn’t make it, but I’m sure that something important came up. We’ll have to plan another time to catch up. Something else to look forward to.''

''Now I ask you,'' Susan wrote, ''Which voice would make you feel and behave more powerfully in the face of your fears? Which voice would bring you a sense of confidence and peace? Which voice would you rather listen to?''

Susan continued, ''If you said the voice of the Lower Self, we would have to conclude that you love pain and there would be no need for you to go any further in this book! Yet I am 99.5% certain you would rather listen to the voice of the Higher Self! So why don’t you? As I’ve already explained, your habit is to listen to the Chatterbox, the voice of your Lower Self! And now you are working to break this self-destructive habit.''

So, open yourself up to listen to the truth that your Higher Self can tell you. You will find that it is worth all the work you put in when you find yourself feeling lighter, less burdened, and happy to face each and every day. Choosing to connect to your Higher Self is a powerful tool that can take your life from okay to amazing.

''Any moment of the day, in any situation in your life, you can now choose to listen to the healthier, stronger, and joyful part of who you are. The voice of the Higher Self … how sweet it is!''

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