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Trusting Ourselves and the Future

Fear holds us back from following our dreams, from living more fully in the present. Yet, when we really think about it, it is not an action, event, or thing that holds us back, but only our feeling towards it.

For example, are you fearful of applying for a new job? What is it that you are actually scared of? You might fear rejection or be fearful of change. You might be worried that if you got the job that you wouldn't be prepared to succeed in it. All of these are fears of what might be. Of course, there are things that are more likely to happen - being rejected for a new job is quite common in a tough job market - but most of what we fear will not happen.

Being afraid of what might be means that we don't have trust in the future, we don't trust ourselves, and we are not living in the present. We don't trust ourselves to deal with what life throws at us. That's where Susan's empowering affirmation, ''I Can Handle It,'' can help. As Susan wrote in End the Struggle and Dance With Life:

''We diminish the present as we worry about the future.
No matter what life decides to hand me, I'll handle it!''

Being fearful takes us away from being fully present right now. It means we are not aware of or experiencing the blessings that are currently touching our lives. When we let fear dictate how we live then we are giving it power over us. We are surrendering our present and future to fear.

But, you know what?

You Can Handle It!

Learning that you have the tools necessary to handle anything that comes your way is massively empowering. ''What I do know,'' wrote Susan, ''is that our human minds are not capable of understanding the Grand Design. I don't know the larger dimensions of the Universe that are beyond my grasp as an ordinary mortal. What I have been learning to do is simply to trust.''

When you learn to trust your Higher Self, you gain inner power and peace of mind. When you can trust things that are beyond your understanding, you are given a guarantee that:

I Can Handle It!

Susan wrote, ''We can never control life in any other way. Yes, life is filled with surprises. But with the inner knowing that we can handle anything life hands us, we don't have to worry about the future any longer. We can get on with our life with a feeling of freedom and adventure. We can even begin to enjoy the mysteries, instead of feeling threatened by them. Wherever life takes us, we'll be OK!''

That's why it's so important to take the necessary steps to transcend the realm of the Lower Self. If we don't work at staying connected to our Higher Self, we will always be subject to fear and worry. This is where our spiritual tools come in - meditation, affirmations, journaling, guided imagery, and more can all help to keep us in touch with our Higher Self. There are many tools to choose from, so pick those that you find help you the most. The important thing is allowing trust into our lives - both trust of the Universe and of ourselves - and trusting takes courage and work. Even when we think we've got a hold on it, something will come up to make us doubt our ability to 'handle it.'

But the benefits of trusting the future and trusting our ability to handle whatever happens means living a full life, appreciating the blessings we have in real time and being grateful for each moment of the day.

Susan said it best when she wrote, ''I have decided to work on trusting that there are reasons for all that is happening on this Earth to each and every one of us. I may never understand what these reasons are, but that is irrelevant. When trust is there, explanations are unnecessary.''

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