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Adapted from the works of Susan Jeffers, Ph.D.

Happy New Year and welcome to 2015!

With the New Year comes a host of new uncertainties. With the tail end of the holiday's tumult and worries and our nervous anticipation of the prospects for the New Year, finding peace within ourselves can be a huge challenge come January. Yet Susan had the perfect answer to ease New Year worries. In End the Struggle and Dance with Life, she introduced a prayer of trust, gratitude and purpose meant to bring a sense of peace into our hearts.

"Dear God. I trust that no matter what happens in my life, it is for my highest good. And no matter what happens in the lives of those I love, it is for their highest good. From all things you put before us, we shall become stronger and more loving people. I am grateful for all the beauty and opportunity you put into my life. And in all that I do, I shall seek to be a channel for your love. Amen."

This prayer provides a firm foundation on which to live to the fullest in the coming year. There are no expectations, only a sense of trust, gratitude and purpose. Words of trust allow us to take a deep breath and relax, knowing that we and our loved ones have the power to learn and grow from whatever happens in our lives. Words of gratitude help us understand how blessed we are. Words of purpose help us remember to radiate our love out into a very needy world. Therefore, love is also radiated back to us. You can see how this combination of a sense of trust, gratitude and purpose creates a life truly worth living. And starting off your year with this mind-set has the power to transcend any potential conflicts or disappointments.

Even if you are someone who doesn't believe in God or a Higher Power, this prayer can still help you. Whether you pray to the Universe or to your own Higher Self, prayer can have a healing effect - the positive benefits of prayer have been documented in a number of scientific studies. Pray to the Spirit or Higher Self within or simply to the Grand Mystery of it all, but don't negate the potential power of prayer in your life.

Praying can help you now, even if in the past you have been disappointed by it. If you've been let down by prayer, it is almost a guarantee that your prayers were of the "petitionary" type. Susan used the example of when she was a little girl, she used to pray every night - "Dear God. Please let my Mommy and Daddy live forever." As you might expect, her Mommy and Daddy didn't live forever, and one could say that God let her down. Yet, as she grew up, she learned that God didn't let her down at all, she just didn't understand how to pray in a way that would bring true blessings to her life. It is important to remember that petitionary prayers do not do the job of ending our struggle - whether they have loving sentiments behind them or selfish ones.

Susan's prayer of trust, gratitude and purpose can help to open yourself to welcoming the changes and challenges you may face in the upcoming year. These three points are important ways to find serenity in yourself and make peace with others. As you take this prayer into your heart, you will notice your concerns abating and tranquility entering your being. You are "letting go" with the understanding that "it's all happening perfectly." You are experiencing the inner knowledge that you can handle whatever happens in your life.

When we embrace Susan's prayer, the benefits ultimately spill over into all areas of our lives. We come to realize that God or a Higher Power or our Higher Self is with us at all matter what is happening at any given moment. Our hearts need only to tap into this healing presence to find an exquisite peace.

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Adapted from Susan's writing in End the Struggle and Dance with Life.

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